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Hello and good evening! ^__^

I’m Halak and this time around I have a tutorial.

All about CAS (Clean and Simple) projects, the basics.

I thought of covering some essential basics while doing a tute on the projects that you see in the above image.

Mother’s day is fast approaching (2nd Sunday of May 2016) and this project is perfect for our mums who occupy a very special place in our hearts.

The PABD (Peek-a-boo Designs) stamps used in this tutorial are :
1. Mom’s Heart and,
2. Flower in a jar

Here are the pics :

So, CAS cards and projects… how do we go about them….

The trick is to keep it like the name suggests, clean and simple.

Clean, as in a lot of white space and,  simple, meaning minimal embellishments.

For me, the biggest challenge is to keep the cardstock on which I am working, clean. 😛
What I do is wash my hands after using inks and also keep a nice clean eraser close by!

Let’s go through the steps for the project :

First, I stamped the mom’s heart stamp using Archival ink.

Tip : If you want your project to have one cohesive feel, pick an element that is a part of your focus stamp.

Example : I was sure that this sentiment will be my focus but I wanted something subtle that would go well with it, so I picked the element : heart.

Making a heart stencil.

Yeah I don’t have one, but it is so unnecessary anyway. I keep making these all the time out of scrap paper pieces.

How to make : Fold a piece of scrap paper, make this drop shaped pattern and cut it out. Boom, done!

Open the cardstock, you will have two items now, the solid heart and the heart stencil.

We’re going to be using the stencil here.

What I did was take a stencil, sandwich it between my cardstock and the heart shaped stencil and created a soft look with distress inks.

Tip : Do not try to position the heart exactly in the center of image because it divides the attention to multiple things in the same spot thereby making the project unappealing.

I also colored the hearts in the image using Sakura pens but hey, if you don’t have them, fret not, gel pens and ball pens also work just fine. (These require a bit more drying time than the Sakura pens so if you use them, do ensure that the ink is fully dried before moving ahead.)

After that I took the rose and leaf stamp from Flower in a jar set and stamped them onto cardstock using archival ink.

Note : I masked the rose to have the leaf partially under it.

Colored in using Sakura pens, and added sequins. Also added a tiny strip of purple paper tape.

Lastly, added a teeny tiny red butterfly and matted onto purple cardstock.

Remember the rule, do not go overboard with embellishments.

And that’s that!

Moving on, let’s say you don’t have the time to make a card or you got your mum a gift already… what to do?

How about a tag that can double up as a bookmark?!

Nothing too crazy, I stamped sentiment with Archival, stenciled roughly around it, added heart shaped stickers + washi tape bit and matted onto purple cardstock.
(I covered a couple of stamped hearts with stickers and remaining I colored with Sakura pens.)

Lastly added a piece of ribbon. (The fact that it goes really well with the sentiment is just an added bonus!)

It’s flat, so you can use it as a tag for a gift, or a bookmark! ^__^
My mum loves reading, so bookmark it is!

I hoped you enjoyed reading and learnt something new. Go on, do something special for your mum, the woman with a heart of gold who does so much and asks for nothing in return.

Till next time! *Hugs*

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  1. Wonderful card and tag Halak…love your cas style :*

  2. vinita jain says:

    I love your style Halak, beautiful CAS card and a lovely tag with such a perfect sentiment!

  3. Lovely & adorable projects Halak 🙂 <3

  4. Beautiful explained Halak !! Loved the tip about offset 🙂

  5. halak shah says:

    Thank you so much dear Shalu! ^__^ <3

  6. halak shah says:

    Thank you dear Vinita, I am glad you liked the projects! This stamp is awesome! Just perfect for Mother's Day projects! ^__^ <3

  7. halak shah says:

    Thank you so much Rhizwana! ^__^ *Hugs* <3

  8. halak shah says:

    Thank you so much Pooja! ^__^ I'm glad you liked the tute! <3

  9. Shylaa Shree says:

    fabulous stamps and beautiful card and tag halak

  10. halak shah says:

    Thank you so much dear Shylaa! ^__^ <3 The Mom's Heart mini stamp is one of my favorite stamps!

  11. Akshma Aksh says:

    Pretty card and tag and thanks for the tutorial.

  12. halak shah says:

    Thank you so much dear Akshma! ^__^ <3

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