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Hello hello! I bring some super exciting news today..

Peekaboo Designs (PABD) bring to you their very own – STAMP CLUB

What is a stamp club

It’s a club, wherein you get access to awesome offers, exclusive stamps etc. at a fantastic price point!!

What?!!! This sounds like so much fun! Tell me more!!

Yup, that’s why I’m here. Stay with me, I’ll take you through the schemes.

The PABD stamp club has two variants :

1. Regular Stamp Club and,

2. Exclusive Stamp Club

Let’s check these out one by one, shall we?

To check out the details click – Here

Regular Stamp Club

What happens on here?

This is a special offer wherein you subscribe to membership of 3 Months by paying Rs. 3000/-.

What do you get after paying Rs. 3000/-?

You get the opportunity to pick any two 4 inch x 6 inch PABD stamp sets of your choice each month for the three months that you have subscribed!

Example : Let’s say you took the subscription for 3 months which are April, May and June by paying Rs 3000/-. So now you can login on the website that is : and pick any two stamp sets that are 4 inches x 6 inches in the month of April and checkout! Ditto process for May and June!

What is the benefit here

With this subscription, there are a couple of benefits :
You pay Rs. 3000/- for six Peek-a-boo Designs stamp sets. (You get two sets of your choice measuring 4 inches by 6 inches each month.)

The MRP of the 6 sets is – Rs. 550/- x 6 = Rs. 3300/-.

So, straight away you are saving Rs. 300.

What’s more is that PABD is going to ship you these stamps with ZERO SHIPPING CHARGES!

Yes! You heard that right! When you order in your selection of stamps each month, you pay no shipping!

Isn’t that awesome?!! You get 6 high quality photopolymer stamp sets at the price of 5!!!! ^__^

Okay okay, I know you are excited, but we have another version of our Stamp Club too!

Exclusive Stamp Club

This stamp club subscription can be done monthly or quarterly.

To check out the details click – Here

Charges for 1 month subscription – Rs. 1100/-

To check out the details click – Here

Charges for 3 month subscription – Rs. 3300/-

What happens here

This scheme is along the lines of the regular stamp club but it is with a twist.

The twist is, that when you pay for subscription to the exclusive stamp club, you get to pick only one stamp set of your choice measuring 4 inches by 6 inches.

The second stamp set is a mysterious exclusive set that will be sent to you.
This second stamp set will be available only to the members of the exclusive stamp club!

The process :

Every month, there will be the regular stamp release at PABD, and out of the new release OR the earlier release, any one stamp set measuring 4 inches by 6 inches can be picked by you.

With this, there will also be one mysterious exclusive stamp set launched every month that will be sent to you along with the stamp set of your choice.

So, you get two stamp sets, one of your choice and the other a mysterious exclusive collection set.

So much fun!

If you pick the 3 month membership for this, you can get 6 stamp sets over the span of 3 months, out of which :

3 sets will be the regular 4 inches by 6 inches PABD stamp sets and,

The remaining 3 sets will be mysterious exclusive stamp sets, available only to the members of the exclusive club.

As it is with the regular stamp club, in the exclusive stamp club also you get free shipping.

Excited? Yes! So am I!!

This is a fantastic opportunity to own some limited edition goodness, because the mysterious exclusive stamps are never going to be sold for retail.

Here are all the links once again for your convenience :

1. 3 Month Regular Stamp Club — Here

2. 1 Month Exclusive Stamp Club — Here

3. 3 Month Exclusive Stamp Club — Here

Ability to pick stamp sets of your choice at a lower cost! Free shipping! Also, if you pick exclusive club membership then a mysterious exclusive stamp set each month! Epic awesomeness ahead!

But, let’s also get down to the nitty gritty, the terms of service :

Terms & Conditions

1. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer/s.

2. Once you subscribe, please ensure that your address details are accurate. No change of address will be entertained without a valid reason for the same.

3. If you have opted for 3 month subscription and you wish to discontinue membership at any point of time, the stamps sent to you will be calculated at a rate of Rs. 550/- per stamp set and shipping charges will also be levied.
The amount remaining after deduction of stamp charges + shipping charges will be refunded to you.

4. This offer is only for retail. Only one subscription can be availed per person.

5. This subscription is for PABD Stamp Club. Thus, this offer is applicable only for PABD stamps and can only be redeemed at their official site :

6. If you subscribe to the Exclusive Stamp Club, it needs to be done by the 15th of the previous month.
Example : If you want to subscribe for the April, May and June 2016 quarter, it should be subscribed on or before 15th March 2016.

7. The stamp sets for the Regular Stamp Club will shipped as soon as you place an order or if the stamp set you ordered is on pre-order, then as soon as that set is re-stocked and the stamp sets for the Exclusive Stamp Club will be shipped on the 1st working day of the month.
Example : I subscribed on 10th March 2016 to the 3 month exclusive membership and I selected which 4″ by 6″ stamp set I want.
Now the exclusive stamp set + my selected stamp set will be shipped on 2nd April 2016. (As 1st April is a holiday)

8. You cannot purchase two stamp sets of the same design using this scheme.

9. This offer can be discontinued by the seller, PABD, at any given point of time.
In such a case, the balance amount will be refunded to you at the discounted rate that was provided to you through the scheme.

10. Incase of any discrepancy, the decision of PABD will be final and binding.

11. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact :

Vidushi Saraf – 9831217439 or,

Send in an email to :

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