Embellished Envelopes


Hello Everyone!

Slowly and steady we are moving to a a new month , new challenge and some new releases. However before that we still have some more projects to share.

Today I made some note cards with some designer envelopes. The main focus of these envelopes are the use of the unique Hindi stamp set from Peek-a-boo. All the envelopes have 3 different technique.

On this envelope I have done repeat stamping to create the background.
This one is a gold embossed on Vellum.
Lastly this one a distressing on a stencil.
Hope you like it. 

0 thoughts on “Embellished Envelopes”

  1. These are so pretty!!!. Loved the sentiments and the colorful work

  2. These Envelops look very Beautiful !

  3. I too loved the envelopes !! The cards are pretty colorful dear !!

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